Core Exercises for a Healthy Low Back

Hopefully you’ve already read the blog (and watched the video) Everything You Need To Know About Low Back Pain.   Take a quick look at the skeleton diagram below.  Notice how between the top crest of the hip and the bottom of the ribs, there are only 5 little bones.  These are called our Lumbar […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Low Back Pain

For those 85% of us who have at some point or another suffered from low back pain, this video is on the “mandatory watch list”. Dr. Mike Evans explains the major causes of low back pain and what types of therapies and treatments are effective.   If you don’t have 11 minutes to spare to […]

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3 Most Common Myths About Chiropractic

I’m not shocked when people tell me they are skeptical of Chiropractors.  To be honest, I started off being a big skeptic myself.  I was lucky to have been treated and mentored by one of the best doctors of chiropractic in Ottawa, and I quickly realized that this wasn’t a “pseudo-science” or “quackery”; it’s pure […]

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