What To Expect

Expect to be heard and understood.  The initial visit with your provider will last between 30 minutes and an hour. During this time a complete health history is taken, a thorough physical evaluation is completed and results are explained. During the initial visit, your provider will give you options for treatment, including referrals to other services/testing you may need, and may even begin treatment.

If your condition cannot be treated by our services, your provider will direct you to the right resources.


What could be covered by my insurance?

All appointments with the family doctors are covered through OHIP

Insurance coverage for Manual Medicine (acupuncture, chiropractic, ART etc.) is covered under the Chiropractic benefit by extended health insurers. Some plans require a medical referral for reimbursement of health services, braces, or assistive devices. Our on-staff medical doctors will be able to provide this, for patients in need.

If you have been in car accident or are hurt on at work, treatment would be billed to HCAI (Health Claims for Auto Insurance) or WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board). If either of these are the reason for your pain and injury, please let the receptionist know prior to your appointment.

If your insurance does not cover any part of your treatment, you can submit your receipts as medical expenses on your personal income tax returns. Please talk to an accountant about this.

Do I need a referral to be seen by the Chiropractor ?

No. As primary contact health professionals, our services are available to anyone without a referral.

Do I have to sign up for a treatment plan?

No. There are no lengthy treatment plans or upfront commitments.  The initial visit involves a complete assessment and explanation of treatment options. Every patient responds differently and if you chose to undergo treatment for your issue, progress is monitored continually.  Our goal is to return our patients to optimal function as quickly as possible.

What about X-Rays, Imaging or Special Tests?

Our team follows the best evidence guidelines for ordering x-rays or other imaging.  X-rays are used on an as-needed basis because they produce potentially harmful radiation.

Do you use modalities like IFC, TENS or Ultrasound?

Our team follows the principles of evidence-based medicine.  This means that we only offer therapies that have been proven effective in high quality research studies (Random Control Trials).

There is no quality evidence supporting the use of IFC, TENS, and Ultrasound for anything more than short-term (20 minutes) pain relief.  They scored equally as effective as using heat therapy or cold therapy. In chronic conditions (long term), they have shown no effect whatsoever.

While we do use electrical stimulation in cases of severe, acute pain, we are realistic about the limitations of these modalities, and use other therapies that have proven more effective for healing.

Have more questions for us?

We hear from people everyday looking for help from everything from scoliosis to autoimmune diseases. If you have specific questions or concerns that you’d like answered don’t hesitate to contact us.

Call or email the clinic to ask your specific question.