For Patients

What To Expect


Expect to be heard and understood.  The initial visit with your provider will last between 30 minutes and an hour. During this time a complete health history is taken, a thorough physical evaluation is completed and results are explained. During the initial visit, your provider will give you options for treatment, including referrals to other services/testing you may need, and may even begin treatment.


If your condition cannot be treated by our services, your provider will direct you to the right resources.


Our team is committed to following the principles of evidence-based medicine.  This means continually updating our knowledge and treatment techniques with quality research.  This is how we ensure that our patients are given the most effective treatment solutions.


Tips: Try to arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than your appointment to fill out initial paperwork.  Wear comfortable, loose clothing if seeing one of the chiropractors or medical doctors.