Knee Pain

Treatment of Knee Pain

Dr. Matthew Booth has a special interest in the treatment of knee pain. Having completed research on the topic, he has become a go-to doctor for assessment and treatment of this complex joint.

knee pain

Often, umbrella terms such as “patello-femoral pain syndrome” or “tendinitis” are used to diagnose knee pain, but do not address the underlying cause.  If treatment is not guided towards the correct structure, chronic pain can ensue.

To fully understand the specific cause of knee pain, a detailed evaluation of the hip, knee, ankle, and feet must be done.   Through proper orthopaedic testing and careful examination of the lower half of the body, we can find the cause of your knee pain to tailor individual treatments. Treatment options may include some combination of acupuncture, manual therapy, Active Release Technique, orthotics/assistive braces, and always include exercises to prevent recurrence.


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If you have been diagnosed with a knee injury or suspect that you may have one, call and book an appointment for an evaluation and discussion of your treatment options.

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