Neck Pain, Low Back & Pelvic Pain

Approximately 85% of North Americans will suffer from neck/back pain in their lifetime.  This is also the most common reason to visit the Emergency Room, and the second most common reason for visiting your family medical doctor.


Of those 85% of the population with back pain, a recent study established that 94% of back pain was mechanical in nature. While medications are often helpful in the short-term, a mechanical problem requires a mechanical solution.


Best-evidence has proven that mechanical back pain responds best to advice and education on the cause of back pain, as well as structured exercise programs designed by manual medicine practitioners, manual therapy including spinal manipulation, and acupuncture.  This often eliminates the need for pharmacological prescriptions, and gets you back to function and your daily life quicker.


These treatment types listed above have already been implemented in Europe as the Clinical Guidelines for all health care practitioners.  We are thrilled to be able to offer these treatment options to the community of Orleans.


Integrative Chiropractors are specialists on mechanical back pain, and patient preference on treatment types are always taken into account when designing a treatment plan.  All of our Chiropractic Doctors are certified for Medical Acupuncture and are specialists in manual therapies and designing exercise programs. Our goals, as with all of our treatment plans, are to get our patients back to optimal function as fast as possible, and empower them with the tools they need in order to prevent back pain from burdening their quality of life.