Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is the joint with the most range of movement in the body, making it susceptible to a wide array of injuries. The pain may be temporary, or it may continue and require medical diagnosis and treatment.


The most common problem people with shoulder pain face is an improper diagnosis, which leads to a non-specific treatment plan.  Often, blanket terms such as “tendinitis”, “rotator cuff tears” or “impingement” are used to diagnose shoulder pain, but offer very little insight as to how or why this injury first occurred.  Our practitioners evaluate the mechanics of the shoulder joint, the shoulder blade, and the thoracic/rib cage to identify the root cause, which better directs treatment and therapies.


If your shoulder pain is worsened or aggravated by certain movements or positions, it is almost certainly mechanical in nature.  A mechanical problem requires a mechanical solution, and it needs to be specific to the underlying issue.


Treatment options vary based on the clinical diagnosis, but generally include one or a combination of; acupuncture, manual therapy, Active Release Technique, assistive braces, and always include exercises to prevent recurrence.


If you have been diagnosed with a shoulder injury or suspect that you may have one, call or book an appointment for an evaluation and discussion of your treatment options.