I’m not the type of chiropractor who ‘just cracks your back’.  A typical appointment with me lasts a half-hour. Treatments can consist of acupuncture, soft-tissue and muscle release, joint manipulations and lots of education.  Depending on your injury or complaint, you might need to see me only once (until you injure something else) or you may need a few weeks worth of treatment.  Only chronic injury patients see me for continuous treatment.

I abide by the oath “First, do no harm.” I am cautious and always act in the best interest of the patient.

In my time off, I’m chasing my kids or playing golf with my husband, Dr. Matthew Booth.

Special Interests

Although I have had the pleasure of serving a diverse population of patients over the last 8 years,
I have developed a few special interests:

Autoimmune disease pain management – I understand the process of auto-immune flare-ups and the significant pain they cause. I have developed strategies to minimize pain from flare-ups.

Perinatal and pregnancy care – specifically for patients who have injuries affecting the baby’s position in utero (womb), or affecting the mother’s ability to move.

Paediatric care - infant torticollis and the resolution of  breastfeeding latch issues have become a special interest after the birth of my own children.

Coccyx (tailbone) - I have successfully treated acute and chronic coccydynia alike.

Adhesive Capsulitis (frozen shoulder) – The natural healing process of frozen shoulder can last up to 18 months.  Using a somewhat experimental technique, in conjunction with the family doctors who administer short-term pain-numbing injections to the affected shoulder, we have developed a technique to release the adhesions in the shoulder capsule immediately.