Pregnancy, Breeched Births, Webster Technique

Who We Help

The most common reason women seek treatment during pregnancy is for relief from low back pain and pelvic pain.  As your baby grows, biomechanical changes in your body impact the joints, muscles, and blood supply of the low back, pelvis, and even the uterus. We also see women who are concerned that they might have a breeched delivery.


Webster Technique and Pain

Webster is a gentle, low impact technique where the muscles and joints of the low back and pelvis are relaxed with light pressure. The technique was specifically designed for pregnant women, making it incredibly safe and effective.

Webster Technique and Breeched Babies

A common myth is that chiropractors use the Webster technique to flip a baby that is in breeched position. While this often does happen when using the technique, it is more of a side effect than a direct cause.

Most babies will naturally turn in to the correct position on their own, but when they don’t, it is likely because of muscle tension and restrictions in the mother’s pelvis. When the pelvis and low back are treated with The Webster technique, the baby often returns to the vertex position, and the mother experiences a more relaxed, easier delivery.


Please mention your pregnancy when booking an appointment to allow us to better direct your care.