Sport Performance

Whether you have suffered an acute injury and require a short course of manual therapy, or you are a performance athlete who would benefit from a combination of our services, our integrative practitioners will consult and assess with you to design an Action Plan tailored to your needs.

What Can Manual Medicine Do for Me?

The goal of these individualized assessments is to give people the knowledge and ability to achieve optimum health, as quickly as possible. Most plans combine nutritional advice, manual therapy, and specific exercises. Professional athletes see physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and other manual providers on a daily basis. The sports team owners know that their athletes’ bodies are worth millions of dollars, so they pay for daily care.

How Much is Your Body Worth to You?

Whether you have an injury that needs to be addressed, or you simply want to improve your performance, the process starts with you. The fist step is to make an appointment with one of our Integrative Chiropractors. During the initial consultation/assessment, a complete health history is taken, a thorough evaluation is completed and results are explained. After this consultation, your provider will give you options for an Action Plan, including referrals to other services/testing you may need.

Why Athletes Seek Our Care

Our Integrative Chiropractors have worked with athletes of all ages and abilities – from weekend warriors to Olympians. Most often, athletes seek our care to:

  • Become a better athlete
  • Recover from acute or chronic injury
  • Reduce risk of sports injuries and concussions
  • Prolong (amateur or professional) athletic career

For Teams and Organiations

If you are interested in baseline cognitive testing for concussions, or injury prevention screenings for your athletes, please contact us for more information